Removal of Mike (I Live In Covington) UPDATE 1/29/19

I have gone through many hours of audio trying to scrub any instance of him or his promos. I have painstakingly deleted audio, re-rendered episodes, and reuploaded the new files in their spots.

That being said, I’m only one person. If you happen to be listening to anything of ours and find any reference to him or one of his promo’s still floating around, please let me know please so I can remove it.

Use the contact page, or drop a comment on this entry with podcast title, episode title, and a rough time stamp of the occurrence. I will fix these as quickly as possible. Thank you.


Addressing Mike's Removal from the site:

Hello there.

My name is Eric Zinkhon and I run this website. It is my passion and what I live for.

Earlier today I received emails to my sites email address and comments directly on the site regarding an associate that produced content for our website. I believe these individuals are under the assumption that Mike is in charge of this website. This is not the case. This address and site update is mainly targeted to the person or persons that left those emails:

I have heard you, loud and clear.

I do NOT tolerate the actions that Mike (I Live in Covington) has been involved with, accused of, and admitted to. It is inexcusable behavior that I will not let be swept under the rug. We here at Dogcast Network are appalled.

With that being said, ties between him and this network have been cut. I have removed most of his content from this website and am in the process of scrubbing clean any instance of his involvement with the site as a whole. This may take a few days, but I am committed to getting this done because this site is extremely important to me. The fact that his actions have leaked over to our little network has made us all here terribly upset and all of us are taking a stand.

We here at Dogcast Network are here to promote a friendly and fun atmosphere. We expect every content creator to uphold that sentiment, because they are the embodiment of our values and views while they create things for the website. It is with great sadness to come to realize today that one person can tarnish that reputation with very little effort.

I’m deeply disappointed that our associate has brought this upon us, and all of us at the network want to express our apologies to the parties involved with his actions.


July 8th

Weekly News

I believe the best way to stay diligently busy on the site, is to also disclose whats going on at the beginning of each week.


You may have noticed there is a new drop down at the top of the page labeled "Entertainment".

The only thing under that drop down currently is labeled Reeling Back.

You guys will find out what that's all about come tomorrow (July 9th) at 12 pm, so please check back around then for a surprise!


I began editing episode 14, and will hopefully fly right through it. Once that is finished, that will leave no more dogcast on the backlog as of this moment. Joel and I will begin recording more nonsense shortly after, more than likely, if we don't end up doing it before episode 14 is out.

Judgment Page

I've been procrastinating with this one, but I'm still not happy with it just yet. Like I mentioned beforehand, I only want to put out something if I feel completely 100% about it. Not sure when this will come out, but I will make an update when I know for sure.


July 1st

Site News July 1st

Hello everyone, It's been a solid minute since our last update.

Today, I wanted to let you know that we will be adding, in the not so distant future, a new section of the site dedicated to film reviews and things of the like.

The title for this section is currently under construction, but fear not, as it will become known the second we settle on something we feel encompasses the nature of the site.

A new contributor for this section will be none other than local film buff and film-maker, Jordin Goff.

Other contributors, such as myself, will occasionally write reviews as well. In fact, my first will be a review of the upcoming movie release entitled, "Dinosaurs In A Mining Facility" Written and Directed by Jordin Goff.

I am looking forward to not only sharing my reviews of films, but to bring in another well versed content creator to the site that truly embraces the very content of which he speaks about.

Please welcome Jordin to the site with open arms, and look forward to more great content from all of us here at the Dogcast Network.



Dogcast currently has 1 episode on backlog featuring Jordin Goff, and we plan on editing and releasing that in the near future.

Judgment Page

Judgment Page episode 4 is near completion. Only a few more lines are needed for voice-over and then the strenuous task of sound editing and music additions. Look forward to the continuation of this story soon!