September 5th


Hi guys, quick little site news update:

We're in the process of setting up and having other shows for the network currently with a few new people involved. I'm really excited to get more people involved in this network because I genuinely believe there is an untapped market of talent in the area near my home that should be expanded upon, with interesting individuals that are some of my closest friends.

I won't say anything just yet about what we'll be putting on here, but just keep an eye out.


Dogcast will be returning shortly. I'm sifting through episode 14 (which has been in editing hell for months now. Nothing extensive about it, just haven't been working on it), and we have a few episodes on backlog that are genuinely hilarious. I'm excited to get them out to you and it should be shortly (for real this time).

Expect another string of new episodes this weekend.