July 8th

Weekly News

I believe the best way to stay diligently busy on the site, is to also disclose whats going on at the beginning of each week.


You may have noticed there is a new drop down at the top of the page labeled "Entertainment".

The only thing under that drop down currently is labeled Reeling Back.

You guys will find out what that's all about come tomorrow (July 9th) at 12 pm, so please check back around then for a surprise!


I began editing episode 14, and will hopefully fly right through it. Once that is finished, that will leave no more dogcast on the backlog as of this moment. Joel and I will begin recording more nonsense shortly after, more than likely, if we don't end up doing it before episode 14 is out.

Judgment Page

I've been procrastinating with this one, but I'm still not happy with it just yet. Like I mentioned beforehand, I only want to put out something if I feel completely 100% about it. Not sure when this will come out, but I will make an update when I know for sure.