July 20th


Good morning everyone!

Zink here, wanting to tell you about the upcoming things and whatnot from us here at Dogcast Network.


I've taken all the merchandise we had in our store down to refine it to better suit what we need and want to give to you guys.

our first addition back from this will be enamel pins of our wiener dog in a bun.

I will update on pricing for these once I get them in stock and can sell them, but I look forward to showing you some actual refined merchandise.

The next step in merchandising for us is obviously something along the lines of T-shirts. No details on that yet, but we'd love to hear your feedback on that.



Much love to Jordin Goff, Christian, Jacob, and everyone else who took the time out of their busy days to come and sit down with me for interviews. All interviews for the Reeling Back "Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility" weeks have been recorded. The arduous task of editing them all is just about done. This coming Monday will be a group of various bit actors on their roles in the film and it was an absolute blast to sit and talk with them.

So please, stay tuned for that!


I've handed the reigns of editing episode 14 off to Joel due to my busy schedule with Reeling Back and writing for Judgment Page. He is currently out of town this weekend, so it will put a bit of a delay on it. 

In other news:

One story for our Halloween 1 year anniversary special has been knocked out, and I'm currently writing something else. That episode is sure to be as spectacular as it is stupid, so please indulge us.


I've been toying with ideas for a little while and I think where I have left it so far is currently fine. With that being said, I want to finish writing the rest of the season out and record it before posting any new episodes, as to get myself back on a posting schedule for that show. Hopefully you guys understand!


I talked to Mike recently, and he's been showing an urge to get back to podcasting. I'm not sure when he would put a new episode together, but I assure you that waiting for his content is worth it. When he feels the need to pick it up again, you'll be dying laughing in your car, home, or where ever you are when a new one is released.