July 1st

Site News July 1st

Hello everyone, It's been a solid minute since our last update.

Today, I wanted to let you know that we will be adding, in the not so distant future, a new section of the site dedicated to film reviews and things of the like.

The title for this section is currently under construction, but fear not, as it will become known the second we settle on something we feel encompasses the nature of the site.

A new contributor for this section will be none other than local film buff and film-maker, Jordin Goff.

Other contributors, such as myself, will occasionally write reviews as well. In fact, my first will be a review of the upcoming movie release entitled, "Dinosaurs In A Mining Facility" Written and Directed by Jordin Goff.

I am looking forward to not only sharing my reviews of films, but to bring in another well versed content creator to the site that truly embraces the very content of which he speaks about.

Please welcome Jordin to the site with open arms, and look forward to more great content from all of us here at the Dogcast Network.



Dogcast currently has 1 episode on backlog featuring Jordin Goff, and we plan on editing and releasing that in the near future.

Judgment Page

Judgment Page episode 4 is near completion. Only a few more lines are needed for voice-over and then the strenuous task of sound editing and music additions. Look forward to the continuation of this story soon!