June 8th


It's been a minute since I posted an update. Here's how things are going as of late.

Dogcast has not been forgotten, I have been unmotivated to work on and post the last 2 we have done. I have them sitting here currently open, and I plan on getting through atleast episode 13 before this weekend is up.

I want to try to get back into the habit of making it a regularly thing in my weekly routine. 

Same goes for Judgment Page as well. I have been trying to motivate myself to get together a script for the 4th episode, and every time I sit down to start on it again, I get distracted and start thinking of other things.

Basically, the biggest blocking factor of new episodes of things I'm involved with are a result of my motivation being at an all time low.

I feel like I am going to stop setting parameters for myself on getting things out to you guys, and just release them when I feel comfortable with the end result. I would hate to rush something out that I'm not super proud of, but it's been a bit of a process trying to figure out what is best for these projects.

I will attempt to be a bit more forthcoming in the upcoming months about any releases and the likes, and I do hope you stay tuned for more episodes of shows established, and more shows to come.

Thank you,