May 5th


The site is now

This is to fairly incorporate any other content creators onto the site with ease.

 Podcast update:

Judgment Page's next bookmark will be out shortly! I'm working diligently on it.

Next Dogcast is also being edited currently, and we plan on working on making some more of that soon.

An older show (I Live in Covington) from friend Mike Weatherford will now be hosted from our website. You can now find it in the drop down menu labeled podcasts. Head on over and have yourself a laugh!

Another important update:

We will be introducing some new shows to the mix of the site as well! So stay tuned for those to appear! I will update on this page when we introduce these shows. I'm looking forward to everyone hearing them!



I  have been drawing as of lately on my twitch account every so often, so feel free to join me whenever I decide to do those streams!

ALSO: I have a new print available through More Than Friends Productions shop page! check it out by clicking the link below:

support me, and other local artists at More Than Friends!