February 20th, 2018


Zink Is now a part of the MTF productions team as an artist! You can find information about our friends at More Than Friends through their website! Please check it out and show them some love and support.


  • I (Zink) will occasionally sell limited edition items I make or create through this site still, but most of the printing process and prints themselves will be handled by MTF and will be available through their site store or conventions in the coming months! Stay tuned.

Big thank you to Stephen Marro and Joseph Yaden for this opportunity!


  • Judgment Page: Episode 2 will be live on March 1st at 12 am on the site, iTunes, Player FM, and all other places you can listen to our feed.
  • Hot Diggity Dogcast: Episode 11 is currently being edited and will be available shortly in the next week or so. Episode 12 has been recorded, and will be edited after 11 releases.