May 2nd

Dinosaurs In A Mining Facility won best Sci-Fi Feature at Motor City Nightmares! Here’s a few photos and a video to accompany this update. We had an absolute blast, Michigan. We look forward to seeing all of you guys at the Indy Film Fest May 8th and 10th for 2 more screenings of JambleVision’s no budget sci-fi epic along with a Q&A with Jordin after the film!

Site Update 3/19

Hey guys, just wanted to give a small update since I’ve been quiet for a while:

So Hear Me Out

This is a newer show hosted by Dylan Stacey, if you haven’t checked it out, do yourself a favor and go listen. He has been the one consistent asset to the site over the past few months, and we appreciate his efforts to keep up a weekly show. He has many different discussion points and tries to keep things interesting. Once again, please go listen to his episodes and hear him out (see what I did there?).

Reviewing the Reviews

I haven’t abandoned this project at all. I am currently in the process of writing new episodes, but it has been a tad difficult with the increased stress of my job and school. I am about halfway done with writing of a new episode, however I am planning on holding episodes until I have a substantial amount I can deem good enough for a new season of RTR. I have some great ideas for things to review reviews of, trust me.


I know, I know: we have fallen behind again. I also have a new episode that needs to be edited. It’s been in editing hell for a month or so now, and I will try to get that one out as soon as I can. Once again, school and work have made my life a bit hectic. We also plan on doing some more episodes here in the near future, and we are trying to get some new guests on, as well as old guests. This should be updated in the coming weeks.


As of right now, I am unsure when Dustin will return to making these or if he will. He has teased another idea for a show he wanted to make, so I will have to wait and see if he has anything planned.

Judgment Page

I decided to can the entire idea. It was a spin off from a crazy idea I had where Joel was some mastermind behind some diabolical plot. The downside to this one was the inclusion of a certain person as a voice actor that has since been removed from the website. I lost steam pretty quickly on this project, and the addition of the minor voice actor credit to a person that has tarnished the name of this site in the plot made it sour in my mind. I think this is one that’s best left to rot in a corner. I’ve removed the podcast page from our dropdown list.


I’ve been meaning to add a music section for all the songs that Matt McGee has made that he graciously lets us use for our intro songs and the likes. I will be adding this to the site, along with other songs either myself or Joel have made.

Looking for New Content Creators

We are still looking for more people who are interested in having a place to host their content. videos, podcasts, etc. If you, or someone you know, are interested, contact me through the contact page in the navigation bar.

Thanks guys,


Removal of Mike (I Live In Covington) UPDATE 1/29/19

I have gone through many hours of audio trying to scrub any instance of him or his promos. I have painstakingly deleted audio, re-rendered episodes, and reuploaded the new files in their spots.

That being said, I’m only one person. If you happen to be listening to anything of ours and find any reference to him or one of his promo’s still floating around, please let me know please so I can remove it.

Use the contact page, or drop a comment on this entry with podcast title, episode title, and a rough time stamp of the occurrence. I will fix these as quickly as possible. Thank you.


Addressing Mike's Removal from the site:

Hello there.

My name is Eric Zinkhon and I run this website. It is my passion and what I live for.

Earlier today I received emails to my sites email address and comments directly on the site regarding an associate that produced content for our website. I believe these individuals are under the assumption that Mike is in charge of this website. This is not the case. This address and site update is mainly targeted to the person or persons that left those emails:

I have heard you, loud and clear.

I do NOT tolerate the actions that Mike (I Live in Covington) has been involved with, accused of, and admitted to. It is inexcusable behavior that I will not let be swept under the rug. We here at Dogcast Network are appalled.

With that being said, ties between him and this network have been cut. I have removed most of his content from this website and am in the process of scrubbing clean any instance of his involvement with the site as a whole. This may take a few days, but I am committed to getting this done because this site is extremely important to me. The fact that his actions have leaked over to our little network has made us all here terribly upset and all of us are taking a stand.

We here at Dogcast Network are here to promote a friendly and fun atmosphere. We expect every content creator to uphold that sentiment, because they are the embodiment of our values and views while they create things for the website. It is with great sadness to come to realize today that one person can tarnish that reputation with very little effort.

I’m deeply disappointed that our associate has brought this upon us, and all of us at the network want to express our apologies to the parties involved with his actions.


September 5th


Hi guys, quick little site news update:

We're in the process of setting up and having other shows for the network currently with a few new people involved. I'm really excited to get more people involved in this network because I genuinely believe there is an untapped market of talent in the area near my home that should be expanded upon, with interesting individuals that are some of my closest friends.

I won't say anything just yet about what we'll be putting on here, but just keep an eye out.


Dogcast will be returning shortly. I'm sifting through episode 14 (which has been in editing hell for months now. Nothing extensive about it, just haven't been working on it), and we have a few episodes on backlog that are genuinely hilarious. I'm excited to get them out to you and it should be shortly (for real this time).

Expect another string of new episodes this weekend.


August 20th


Hey guys,

We've got a brand new episode of I Live In Covington out now (Episode 19) and also a "new" episode of OMW With Dustin M. (Episode 4).

We also have a new gallery page under the entertainment section that Joel has decided to use to showcase some weekly web comics. If you haven't checked that out yet, head on over and take a look:



Today, there will be a new episode of Reviewing the Reviews at 12 noon.

If you haven't done so already, it only takes a second, please rate and review our shows on iTunes and subscribe to us as well. This helps us out more than you can imagine, and to those who have already done so, we appreciate you more than we could ever put into words.



We know we've been slacking on the flagship show a ton, and we intend to make that up. Joel has been a very busy boy with school, but we fully intend on getting back to it and bringing some fun, dumb, entertainment to you soon.


I have an entire episode on the backlog for you guys, but I don't want to put it out just yet. It needs a bit of tweaking, and possible re-recording. Thank you for your patience, and understanding.

August 12th


Hey everyone!

We wanted to thank Jordin Goff for the extremely fantastic showing of Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility.

If you attended, we hope you all had a fantastic night out. We also wanted to extend a hand of gratitude to Jordin for promoting our website at the premiere, it means a heck of a lot to Joel and I.

If you recently found us through the premiere, don't be shy, drop a comment on here and snoop around the website. I'm sure we have something for you to get into.

There is also a new OMW With Dustin M, and a new I Live In Covington out now!

Monday we have a new episode of Reviewing the Reviews and another new OMW coming next Friday, so stay tuned guys.


August 3rd


Hey guys!

So, as you've noticed, the site is starting to get a bit more active as of late. Today we released another re-release of Dustin's podcast, OMW With Dustin M. Head on over to the OMW page to check it out!

Also, we have a very special announcement that another new episode of I Live In Covington will be released tomorrow (8/4).

As far as Dogcast goes, we've had our hands tied, but plan on getting a good backlog going shortly.

I have decided in the mean time, to pursue a new show. This new one will be a short and sweet episode format (no longer than 15 minutes). Stay tuned for details on that.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


July 27th


Hey guys, it's been one hell of a crazy week. let me update you guys on whats new!

First off: I've added a new show to the site.

OMW With Dustin M

The great Dustin joins our site with his unique brand of interviewing at the local Village Pub. It features many of the regulars that you get to learn intimately over the course of a good 45 minutes to an hour. No editing here folks, it's all raw interviews.

Show him some love and check it out! You will be able to listen to OMW With Dustin M later today on iTunes as well!



Mike has put together a new episode for your listening pleasure! It will be available tomorrow (7-28-18) at noon. Stay tuned for that!


Reeling Back

I am finishing up editing the 4th installment of the "Dinosaurs In a Mining Facility" interviews with Jacob Stephens currently, and that will be live exclusively to the site on Monday (7-30-18). I'm looking forward to sharing some more info about this up and coming movie with all of you.


Still editing episode 14. it's not that it's hard, it's just time consuming. We'll be back up and chugging along soon. Especially with everyone else posting new episodes now, we have to get back into the game.

Judgment Page

Still working on these. I may release episode 4 soon, and then go dark for a while. The main reason is wanting to flesh out the ideas and doing so in a way that will allow consistent releases once I'm finished. Stay tuned.

That's all the news I have today. Thank you for the continued support. We love you guys.


July 20th


Good morning everyone!

Zink here, wanting to tell you about the upcoming things and whatnot from us here at Dogcast Network.


I've taken all the merchandise we had in our store down to refine it to better suit what we need and want to give to you guys.

our first addition back from this will be enamel pins of our wiener dog in a bun.

I will update on pricing for these once I get them in stock and can sell them, but I look forward to showing you some actual refined merchandise.

The next step in merchandising for us is obviously something along the lines of T-shirts. No details on that yet, but we'd love to hear your feedback on that.



Much love to Jordin Goff, Christian, Jacob, and everyone else who took the time out of their busy days to come and sit down with me for interviews. All interviews for the Reeling Back "Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility" weeks have been recorded. The arduous task of editing them all is just about done. This coming Monday will be a group of various bit actors on their roles in the film and it was an absolute blast to sit and talk with them.

So please, stay tuned for that!


I've handed the reigns of editing episode 14 off to Joel due to my busy schedule with Reeling Back and writing for Judgment Page. He is currently out of town this weekend, so it will put a bit of a delay on it. 

In other news:

One story for our Halloween 1 year anniversary special has been knocked out, and I'm currently writing something else. That episode is sure to be as spectacular as it is stupid, so please indulge us.


I've been toying with ideas for a little while and I think where I have left it so far is currently fine. With that being said, I want to finish writing the rest of the season out and record it before posting any new episodes, as to get myself back on a posting schedule for that show. Hopefully you guys understand!


I talked to Mike recently, and he's been showing an urge to get back to podcasting. I'm not sure when he would put a new episode together, but I assure you that waiting for his content is worth it. When he feels the need to pick it up again, you'll be dying laughing in your car, home, or where ever you are when a new one is released.



July 15th


Hey everyone!


This week we have a new "Dinosaurs in a Mining Facility" Interview with Christian Gough.

This interview is coming out on Monday, July 16th. Don't miss it!

In the mean time, I am busy putting together interviews with a few other people, and I'm looking forward to sharing those with you, and can't wait for the premiere.


Episode 14 is still a work in progress. It will be out eventually. In other news, Joel and I are gearing up for a Halloween Special (since we probably won't get around to editing it and being completely done until October 31st at the rate we've been going).


Nothing new as of yet. Episode 4 is being tweaked.


Nothing new at the moment.


I am just about done with my contracted Google job. I have an estimated end time of anywhere between 1 to 2 weeks until I have to find a real job. How that will effect posting and editing yet is still unknown.



Joel and I have been throwing around a few ideas for the site. More details on those in the coming weeks if we stick to some of them.

July 8th

Weekly News

I believe the best way to stay diligently busy on the site, is to also disclose whats going on at the beginning of each week.


You may have noticed there is a new drop down at the top of the page labeled "Entertainment".

The only thing under that drop down currently is labeled Reeling Back.

You guys will find out what that's all about come tomorrow (July 9th) at 12 pm, so please check back around then for a surprise!


I began editing episode 14, and will hopefully fly right through it. Once that is finished, that will leave no more dogcast on the backlog as of this moment. Joel and I will begin recording more nonsense shortly after, more than likely, if we don't end up doing it before episode 14 is out.

Judgment Page

I've been procrastinating with this one, but I'm still not happy with it just yet. Like I mentioned beforehand, I only want to put out something if I feel completely 100% about it. Not sure when this will come out, but I will make an update when I know for sure.


July 1st

Site News July 1st

Hello everyone, It's been a solid minute since our last update.

Today, I wanted to let you know that we will be adding, in the not so distant future, a new section of the site dedicated to film reviews and things of the like.

The title for this section is currently under construction, but fear not, as it will become known the second we settle on something we feel encompasses the nature of the site.

A new contributor for this section will be none other than local film buff and film-maker, Jordin Goff.

Other contributors, such as myself, will occasionally write reviews as well. In fact, my first will be a review of the upcoming movie release entitled, "Dinosaurs In A Mining Facility" Written and Directed by Jordin Goff.

I am looking forward to not only sharing my reviews of films, but to bring in another well versed content creator to the site that truly embraces the very content of which he speaks about.

Please welcome Jordin to the site with open arms, and look forward to more great content from all of us here at the Dogcast Network.



Dogcast currently has 1 episode on backlog featuring Jordin Goff, and we plan on editing and releasing that in the near future.

Judgment Page

Judgment Page episode 4 is near completion. Only a few more lines are needed for voice-over and then the strenuous task of sound editing and music additions. Look forward to the continuation of this story soon!


June 8th


It's been a minute since I posted an update. Here's how things are going as of late.

Dogcast has not been forgotten, I have been unmotivated to work on and post the last 2 we have done. I have them sitting here currently open, and I plan on getting through atleast episode 13 before this weekend is up.

I want to try to get back into the habit of making it a regularly thing in my weekly routine. 

Same goes for Judgment Page as well. I have been trying to motivate myself to get together a script for the 4th episode, and every time I sit down to start on it again, I get distracted and start thinking of other things.

Basically, the biggest blocking factor of new episodes of things I'm involved with are a result of my motivation being at an all time low.

I feel like I am going to stop setting parameters for myself on getting things out to you guys, and just release them when I feel comfortable with the end result. I would hate to rush something out that I'm not super proud of, but it's been a bit of a process trying to figure out what is best for these projects.

I will attempt to be a bit more forthcoming in the upcoming months about any releases and the likes, and I do hope you stay tuned for more episodes of shows established, and more shows to come.

Thank you,


May 5th


The site is now

This is to fairly incorporate any other content creators onto the site with ease.

 Podcast update:

Judgment Page's next bookmark will be out shortly! I'm working diligently on it.

Next Dogcast is also being edited currently, and we plan on working on making some more of that soon.

An older show (I Live in Covington) from friend Mike Weatherford will now be hosted from our website. You can now find it in the drop down menu labeled podcasts. Head on over and have yourself a laugh!

Another important update:

We will be introducing some new shows to the mix of the site as well! So stay tuned for those to appear! I will update on this page when we introduce these shows. I'm looking forward to everyone hearing them!



I  have been drawing as of lately on my twitch account every so often, so feel free to join me whenever I decide to do those streams!

ALSO: I have a new print available through More Than Friends Productions shop page! check it out by clicking the link below:

support me, and other local artists at More Than Friends!


April 14th

Hey guys, if you have not noticed yet, Dogcast episode 12 is currently available. This will be taking the place of Judgment Page's bookmark for the next week or so.

The Bookmark 3.5 will be released sometime between the 20th to May 1st, due to time restraints from myself starting a new job, and I will be out of town for the next week and a half (for said job), returning on the 25th or 26th.

So, if you're hankerin for something to listen to, just to pass the time, GO CHECK OUT DOGCAST 12!

^ the episode is full of nonsense and ridiculous ads. Do us a favor, and rate and review that on iTunes. help us out, eh?

Also, if you're looking for something else to do, relisten to the first episodes of Judgment Page to get caught up on some backstory.



April 5th, 2018

If you haven't noticed just yet, Episode 3 of Judgment Page is currently up right now. I'm diligently writing bookmark 3.5 right now.

As I've said multiple times before, I promise Dogcast hasn't gone anywhere, we've just been swamped with other projects, Joel with homework, and other various things.

Episode 12 is (for real, seriously and positively) going to be put out very soon.

We will be bringing in a new podcast, run by Joel, at some point. It's been something on the backburner for him currently, but it'll be worth it when it comes out.

We may team up with a few other people in the coming future as well. stay tuned.



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